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Help for Dillon

I've had such agita over this. It's not like me to do this sort of thing, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
If you're reading this, you probably have a pretty good idea of who Dillon is. If not, he's my older Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who will be turning 10 years old on July 5th.
Back in November, Dillon was diagnosed with Cushings Disease (he has pituitary tumor in the brain, as opposed to adrenal problems). At the time, i was working for a pathetic excuse for a vet, who put Dillon on some bullshit medication because it was 'cheaper.' We finally checked out a different vet, and with a new and powerful medication. Within months, Dillon's fur grew back, he was energetic, running around, jumping onto couches for the first time in over a year. About two weeks ago, all that improvement just...stopped. He stopped trying to get on couches, grew lethargic, inhales copious amounts of water. He now sleeps most of the day, has no energy, and there's no spark in his eyes. The vet worried after a physical exam at how slow Dillon's heartbeat was, and how he just won't gain weight. After a recent test, the veterinarian called me back completely baffled. Dillon's powerful medication has seemed to just...stop working. He's an excellent vet, but has no idea what's going on with Dillon. His baseline reading was a 3.3 (normal), but when the results came back, it skyrocketed to a 10. He spoke to a specialist, who wants to schedule Dillon for a blood test. They believe the Cushings might be covering up something like liver disease, or pancreatitis, or even a failing kidney.

Therein lies the rub. As many of you know, my family is in a financial stalemate. Mom even informed me last night that we can't even afford this simple blood test. 

I'm..not the first person to have financial issues. I won't be the last, which is why it's hard for me to do this. I work in the veterinary field, i've gone to school for it. I've been struggling to sell things for several months, even if it was something precious to me, to make money. 

This just feels...more than awkward to me. To be posting this on a journal.

Facts aside, I've got a lot going on (we all do), and every day i have to look at the dog i've had since he was 6 months old sleep all day, not really care to do anything but eat, and even then he no longer barks at dinner time. There's no life in his eyes, and it takes him several efforts to stand because his legs give out on him, and sometimes i have two spend several minutes to so much as wake him up.
My younger dog, Charlie (Dillon's half brother), has become clingy, refusing to leave Dillon's side, licking his face, and gets upset if Dillon leaves his sight.

This dog has been my unofficial emotional service dog. He's pulled me out of depression, gave me the motivation to care for someone.

Thanks for reading.

(My PayPal is routed from my email address: wode.is.me@gmail.com)


 Ficlet because i couldn't physically cope with the fact that in the Rent off-Broadway revival, they took away Mark's scarf. 

Title: The Marf
Fandom: Rent
Rating: Fine line between PG/PG-13, for content
Characters/Pairing: Mark Cohen, Roger Davis (allusions to Mark/Roger)
Warnings: brief mentions of blood, and death. Know Rent?
Summary: The scarf binds their history
A/N: Written to soothe my own wounds, and for caughtfire , who feels my pain

Only two people knew the truth about the scarf.Collapse )

Birthday Fic-Snippet for zekkass!

 First off, happy birthday! Thank you for almost over half a decade of your friendship, creativity, and experiences.

Almost over half a decade. Hell, it's been more than 5 years...

holy crap!

Sadly, i can't repay you with as epicness as you've given me, so here's a small bit of fic from the prompt you gave me. 

Title: (None yet)

Fandom: SPN/Jeeves & Wooster

Characters: Gabriel, Jeeves, Bertie (slightly onesided J/W for now), Castiel, Sam, Dean

Summary: Jeeves and Gabriel swap bodies. Let's see how they cope with that.

Warnings: POV switching (Third to first person), Unbeta'ed, and incomplete)

Read on, MacduffCollapse )

Drive by post

Hey, folks!

Just wanted to let you know i'm still alive. Busy month!

Started a summer class May 31st that'll end June 30th from 8-10am. Interesting class. Anthropology. Great professor. He's like a mix of Robin Williams and Charles Fleischer who came from Trinidad.

I have an 8-10 page paper due the 23rd, plus studying, a mid term, and a final. We also have an oral presentation to do, but i grabbed my nonexistant balls and did mine the second day of class, and got a 99% on it!

I'm petsitting at the moment. Ironically, Mom was sitting next to a woman while getting her hair done, and the woman was miserable because she was going away and couldn't find someone to watch her dog and 3 cats.

Well, that was remedied rather quickly.

Anyway, i was sick last week. (Tuesday-Sunday). It was pretty awful. Flu, and then a stomach bug that confined me to bed for days. Then my laptop died. It just DIED. While i was confined to BED. I pretty much remained in bed and listened to Merlin podfics the entire weekend.

It's still dead, actually. Something in it blew, and we need to get it repaired. Ugh. Money talks. It also sucks.

I miss my laptop.

I'm also moving this month. (holyfuck27dayswhatisthissaucery).

So, yes. Busy.

Here's a Dillon update for you all.

He's doing fantastic!

He's definitely healthier, his fur is growing back thick (and fast!).

Seriously, though. His fur had to grow back at the beginning of summer, didn't it? I was just worried about having to get Charlie groomed. Troublemaker.

Right. This was supposed to be a quick post, wasn't it?

I've also taken up co-modding. (co-co modding?) over at team_free_love which is both an honor to be apart of such a fantastic comm, and i can't wait for things to settle down so i can really get to work over there.

In other news, NJCon is a little over a month away, and i'm happy i'm able to keep my stuff and not sell it.

Would love to tell more, but one of the cats is demanding attention, and who am i to deny her?

Hope everyone is doing well!

Fandom Help-A-Friend

"The one thing that has impressed me the most about fandom is the overwhelming generosity of it's members. We really are once big community and people are always stepping up to help each other - whether it's for an individual or a country or a region, fandom folks always step up to the challenge and do what they can to help."

Merlin Comment Fest!

I don't know, either. 6x20 ficlet?

So...this just happened? I don't know.
Just struck me.
semi-spoilers for 6x20.
Title: (Untitled for now)
Rating: PG
Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, mentions of Dean
I've got to admit. I don't even know what the hell this wording is.
I've yet to figure out a spoiler HTML for the summary, so... seen the ep? Carry on.

Tickets, tickets for sale

 I know i'm kind of grasping at straws, but i'm trying to sell my NJCon photo ops.

It sucks, but it's better than having to sell everything and not go at all, right?

Anywho, it's 7 tickets altogether (including the Jared-Misha duo op. Sadface)

I'm selling them over on ebay in a bundle for about $300, but if nobody's interested I'm going to sell them separately.

The non-duo ops are  RSJ, Matt Cohen (someone on twitter expressed an interest in that one, but she has to get back to me), Gabriel Tigerman, Steven Williams, Kim Rhodes, Corin Nemec.
I'll just be sitting in my corner making sadfaces.
But what can you do, right?


Repeated meme stolen fromjnhardyzmercy 

Choose 10 characters (preferably from the same fandom) and answer the questions that follow. No peeking until your list is done!

However, since i'm such a rebel, i've decided to do multiple fandoms. Take that, society!

My Characters:

1) Josh (Being Human-US)
2) Merlin (Merlin)
3) Gabriel (Supernatural)
4) Reginald Jeeves (Jeeves and Wooster)
5) Gregory House (House MD)
6) Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood/Doctor Who)
7) Aziraphale (Good Omens)
8) Nan (The Catherine Tate Show)
9) Marshall (United States of Tara)
10) Mark Cohen (RENT)

Okay, I just have to put this out there. I just did ten different fandoms right there. You don't understand the pure agony i just went through. Like, I'm going to aneurysm.


Now, a Q & A from your sponsorCollapse )


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